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Prototype Sculpture

This kinetic sculpture was built for a client as a proof of concept for a larger scale version.A microprocessor controls servos that move the metal frames.Cables attach the metal frames to pulleys on the servos to animate the frames moving them up & down.

Kellogs "Special K" commercial

Filmed in Central Park NYC, a giant scale displays messages of encouragement when standing on it instead of your weight.  We set up computer generated graphics on a large LCD screen with a cue up station behind the wall to change graphics based on the directors request.  The LCD font was customized for better quality of readability.


architectural Facade Mockup

This full scale mockup of a building facade was made to demonstrate scale & proportion for a window proposal.  The entire "black" area was interchangeable with different designs, opening sizes & logo configurations.


Digital lighting effects

We engineered this 2ft x 2ft x 8ft animated light column as a subcontractor for a display company.The illuminated column was programmed with pixel LED's run by DMX based software to show clouds seamlessly rotating 360deg around the column.